Measuring surface tension

Cut out two small boats from the pattern shown.

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Try a paper clip or a plastic strawberry basket. When the paper was floated the first time, the paper was drawn to the highest water level, which was along the edge. Make sure the string holding the needle is taut shorten it if necessary, to match the height of your balance's supports.

Surface tension measurement is thus a convenient way to study micellation. Ask the students and discuss as a class: In the case of a tube, the smaller the diameter of the tube, the higher the water will be drawn.

Next construct the pan. Hang the two wet wash cloths on the clothesline. Soap cleans in part by weakening surface tension.

Measuring Surface Tension of Water with a Penny

With the most or least number of drops. When flame cleaned using a hot flame, the oxide layer is activated into a very hydrophilic state. Try mixing other things from your kitchen with water. The surface tension can be ascertained from the image of the drop using drop shape analysis.

The movement of the probe advantageously provides a receding contact angle, which tends to be smaller than the resting contact angle. Upper Saddle River, NJ: The coloring agent did not turn to steam with the water, and so the water was separated from it.

However, because of my limited knowledge on the statistics, I do not know how to calculate the statistical errors. It only separates the water from the solid dirt. Again, float a piece of paper and observe where it goes. Calculate the total mass in the pan by multiplying the number of pins or drops of water by the mass of a single pin or drop of waterwhich you calculated in step 4.

Can you place other objects on the surface using surface tension. In fact, the only thing the paper towel did was to hold the pin level on the surface. Take suggestions from students. Ask an adult for help with these calculations if you need it.

Viscosity, Surface Tension and Temperature

Read more Chemical Technician The role that the chemical technician plays is the backbone of every chemical, semiconductor, and pharmaceutical manufacturing operation. Then, teams design and test "capillary siphons" that can be used to filter water. For a project on the chemistry of surface tension, see: Can you find other substances around the house that can be added to water to make a bubble solution.

Carefully float another piece of paper and observe where it goes. Physical Chemistry of Surfaces.

Surface tension

Put the container under the needle. Force tensiometry techniques are fairly exact provided that the contact angle at the probe is known. This makes sense if you think about it. In addition, your access to Education. This greater surface area allowed much more water to be in contact with the air at one time.

Calculate an average of your three trials for the plain water and soapy water. It should keep getting bigger and bigger until it touches the edges of the penny. Notice how the water curves up around the edges.

Place the two pieces of glass or plastic together, with the toothpick between them along one edge. The shape of a drop suspended from a needle is determined from the surface tension and the weight of the drop. Retrieved Nov 12th,from http: You should probably also have a towel handy to wipe up small spills.

One method to measure the surface tension of a liquid is to measure the height the liquid rises in a capillary tube. By setting the two forces above equal, we find the surface tension to be: For pure water and clean glass, the contact angle is nearly zero.

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Surface tension is a property of liquids. Liquids have a limited ability – called surface tension - to resist an external force. For example, when a liquid forms a lens-shaped meniscus in a graduated cylinder, the surface tension of the.

tension,dependsupontheproperties ofbothofthemediawhich thesurface is the common michaelferrisjr.come tension is not a prop- erty ofone medium, but is thejoint property of twomedia. Have you ever seen a small insect walking on the surface of water in a pond?

Measure Surface Tension with a Penny

If you looked carefully, you may have noticed that the water seemed to. High Precision Silk Screen Tension Meter Newton Tension Meter N; Usage: Tensile Testing Machine Printing: Silk Screen Priting; This tension meter apply to measure mesh dependable and accuracy.

it has correction zero, it's not allowed to disassemble or re-fix it.

Measuring surface tension
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